Event Recap: Brenham, Texas D-Now

I am always blown away by the great lessons that God teaches me as I travel and speak at different events. I try to always learn something new as I have the opportunity to meet new people at these events. I want to share a few lessons that I learned while speaking at an event in Brenham, Texas.

1. We accomplish more when we work together.

It doesn’t take a doctorate degree to see that churches often do not work together. It is so easy to just work by yourself instead of working with another ministry. I have realized that we as ministry leaders can be some of the post prideful people when it comes to working with others. We are willing to work with others as long as we have enough say and get to make the important decisions. We fail to realize that we are far more effective together.

While in Brenham, I had the opportunity to watch two student pastors work together to see their community impacted by the love of God. I spoke at this event in 2017 and now in 2018. I thought maybe working together one year would be impressive, but when I watched them do it again this year, I was amazed!

I was not just impressed that they worked together; I was impressed with their reason for working together. Both of these guys were so committed to seeing God transform their community that they were willing to work together to reach the most students possible.

It is very possible that our inability to work together hinders our ability to reach people in our communities. If that is true, we must break down our pride and seek to work together. I believe that there is never a convenient time to work with other ministries but when has Kingdom work ever been about convenience? We as ministry leaders should be concerned with what’s effective not what’s convenient.

Watching Chad and Neil work together inspired me to seek out new relationships with ministry leaders in my community with the intent to work together. I want to see my community transformed.

God never intended for one ministry or one ministry leader to do everything themselves. God has commissioned His army, the entire body of Christ, to partake in His Kingdom work. Let’s work together to see our communities transformed by the body of Christ.

2.    Mentorship Matters

Ministry is no joke, don’t belittle how difficult it can be. We need people to talk to about life, ministry, and our spiritual health. I have noticed that ministry leaders often feel lonely. I can definitely tell you that I have felt lonely for most of my three and a half years in ministry. We need people in our lives that are going to fight for our well-being!

Chad, one of the student pastors in Brenham, has been one of my mentors for a while now. He was the first person to ever share the Gospel with me. I was so honored to be back in Brenham speaking again but was equally excited to just sit and talk with one of my mentors. We talked through ministry struggles, future plans, personal callings, and laughed a ton. I needed that personal time with Chad.

My time in Brenham confirmed the importance of mentorship. Talking to Chad allowed me to get things off my chest and gave me some fuel to come back to Albuquerque ready to serve my students well.

As new ministry leaders, we must realize that we are not above accountability and mentorship. I hope that you have someone in your life that is teaching you, caring for you, speaking life into you, challenging you, and ultimately, fighting for your well-being.

If you do not have a mentor, I would begin praying and seeking one out. Talk to more experienced ministry leaders around you and ask them for help finding a mentor. Fight to be mentored; it is for your well-being!

Some Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed getting to see some familiar students. I was so encouraged to see God move in their lives. I was overwhelmed with emotion to have been a part of what God is doing in Brenham, Texas.

I hope that you are taking every opportunity to learn from the lessons God is teaching you through every aspect of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are speaking in front of hundreds or sitting at a coffee shop, God is teaching you lessons every day. Are you paying attention?