The Only Requirement Is Effort

What would it take for you to impact one person’s life today?

I ask myself that question every day. I think we belittle the power of our influence. Everyday we are surrounded by people that want to be loved, noticed, and inspired. If you don’t believe me, ask the person next to you if they like being loved!

We all want to feel valued.

You are going to come into contact with someone today, giving you a choice to use your influence to add value to their life. You will have the opportunity to use your interactions to love and inspire them, or you can waste your interactions. Good leaders choose to use their interactions to love, notice, and inspire others. What will you do today?

You can compliment someone today.

You can encourage someone today.

You can inspire someone today.

You can notice someone today.

The only requirement is effort.

Will you try or will you let these opportunities pass?