Slow Down And Focus

I had the opportunity to sit down with my brother today for lunch. I sat across from him and asked him for advice on how to move forward with transitions in my life. I had a bunch of internal conflict and I knew he would listen and give me some solid advice. He told me to be patient and calm down a little bit. If you don’t know me, please know that I am not a very patient or calm person. I want to jump into things 100% right out of the gate.

If I was a UFC fighter, I would be screwed because I use all my energy in the first twenty seconds of round one.

If I was a marathon runner, I would be drained by mile number one. 

You get the point.

My brother has always and will always be one of my greatest role models. I was relieved when he was telling me that I don’t have to have all the answers right now. 

I want answers right now. I had never realized that my restless quest for answers was hindering my ability for success today. My constant overthinking and dreaming was stopping me from enjoying today. 

I am determined to take each day as it comes and to worry less about the answers I have yet to receive. I don’t want to waste today being worried about tomorrow. 

I am content with working hard today and letting tomorrow worry about itself. I hope that you would do the same.  

You may need to take some time to stop being so concerned about the future and focus on today. What would you get done if all you focused on was today itself? 

Let’s all slow down and focus on today.