Desired Discomfort

It is so easy to find yourself surrounded by comfort and convenience. I have slowly started to realize that I love being comfortable. I don’t mean comfy on the couch. I mean comfortable with my goals, dreams, and effort in my everyday life. The biggest lesson that I am currently learning is that comfort is not often a good thing.

Comfort feels nice while it slowly cripples us from achieving our biggest dreams.  

Leadership is about personal growth, responsibility, and adding value to other people’s lives. If we want to excel as leaders, we must be willing to get uncomfortable in our lives. We will never grow, take responsibility, or add value to other people’s lives if we are more concerned with being comfortable.

I have found myself working hard to get uncomfortable everyday. I am definitely nowhere near where I want to be, but I have seen some growth.

One way to get uncomfortable in your life is to face your fears.

For example, I am starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu this week. I can tell you that I am scared of failing and looking like an idiot. It’s easy for me to think about how bad I will be or how scared I am of people’s opinions. I can tell you that I will not benefit dwelling in my fears. Instead of basking in fear, I am going to run at my fear like a madman. I want to prove that my fears are nothing but fear. The fear only  has as much power as I give it.

Today, I am committed to getting uncomfortable for the sake of making progress.

What can you do today to grow in your life?

Don’t waste today.