Stop Complaining

I was recently complaining to a good friend of mine about not being as good as some of the people that I look to as examples. I was talking about how talented and successful they are while simultaneously complaining about how I am not good enough.  After spending about thirty minutes complaining, I was hit with this sobering truth:

You will never be good enough at something you have never tried!

I can complain all day but it will not change anything. Instead of complaining, I decided to spend time improving on the things I wish to be successful in. This decision is not one that I must only make today, but rather one that I must make every day if I ever want to accomplish my goals.

What are the things in your life that you are complaining about? Are you complaining about not being as good as that person you follow on Instagram? Are you wasting time feeling bad for yourself because you are not as far along as you want?

In order to be successful, we must all make the decision to stop wasting time and start improving. What can you do to take a step forward towards your goal today? What can you do to really take the next step in your life?

We can waste time talking about the steps that don’t seem clear or we can start making steps for ourselves to move forward. What will you do today?