Dreams and Distractions (Show Notes from TST Podcast)

The past few weeks have been filled with an abudance of mixed emotions. On one hand, I feel encouraged as I look at all the opportunity for personal growth and progress in my life. On the other hand, I feel discouraged as I look at those who are farther along in their journey. It is easy to fall into that trap. We look at other people’s highlight reals while we sit neck deep in the mediocracy that seems to surround us. We look at them and see world class; we look within and see dead last. It’s easy to live in that space especially when you are at the beginning stages of your pursuit of success regardless of the field you are in. I hope you know that you are not alone in this struggle. You are not alone in frustration of slow progress. You are not alone in the battle for patience and persevernce. You are not alone. 

Today I want to talk about a two practical ways to silence the lies in your head. These few steps will help you move forward if you let them. 

Revisit your dream/goals

Fall in back in love with the dream that caught your eye. Immerse yourself in the dream that you have craved for so long. Envision yourself fulfilling the dream. What would it feel like? What would it look like? Is that version of yourself someone you look forward to being? Totally immerse yourself in your dreams. Focus, with full heart and mind, on the dream. It is incredibly difficult to listen to the lies when your eyes are dead set on the dream. Be so focused that you don’t have time for the lies. 

Minimize distractions

The main distraction facing young dreamers today is our addiction to escapism through social media. We are addicted to seeing what is going on in other people’s lives. We have a serious fear of missing out on what is going on. It is called FOMO and it is absolutely a real thing. The problem is what you see as an innocent scroll through the feed is actually an addiction to distraction. Not only is it an addicition to distraction, it also expresses a bunch deeper issue. It exposes our desire to escape our reality. We are not content with our setting and the people that are RIGHT in front of us so we check our feeds to see what that CEO is doing and if he posted any new pictures of that car he worked his butt of to get. The CEO is not wrong for posting the picture, you are wrong for not busting your butt to get to where that guy is. You are addicted to distraction. Today is the day to stop that stuff. Make the committment to yourself and the future you to stop letting distraction rob you of progress in your life. Stop clicking your way out of reality and start actually changing your reality through hard work, discipline, and consistency. 

Today can be the day where you take INTENTIONAL steps towards your dreams and ambitions. It doesn’t matter how huge the mountain looks from where you are standing; just take a step. Stop listening to the lies and get hyper focused on your dream. Revisit your dream every single day and minimize your distractions. I promise you it will make a major difference in your life!