Responding To Gossip

All of us have been both on the giving and receiving end of gossip. Whether it be gossip that is true or gossip that is false, we have pretty much all been on both sides of the coin. This is not about the truthfulness of gossip. This post is simply about how we can respond when we are on the receiving end of gossip. How can you respond when you find out that someone is talking behind your back? 


Stop Making Excuses and Follow

Every day we are given the choice to follow God faithfully or to ignore our call to follow. Our response to this daily decision is of the utmost importance. With every major decision, we are presented with many excuses as to why we don’t do things. Just like with other areas in our life, we can make excuses as to why we won’t follow God on a daily basis.

I want to map out three major areas that we often use to make excuses.